Winning Pictures Of MWA Int 2011 Vanny Reis & Runners Up

This message goes to all African women in particular, to the women of our beautiful west coast!

I was born and raised in a family where women were the majority and where they represented a small piece of the strength of African Women, warriors and fighters, with great vigor and wisdom, willing to move the world for the sake of survival and happiness of their children and their families. The picture I have of women is a being with a great willpower, tirelessly toiling day after day, facing all the difficulties, challenges and prejudices of her life.

Today we have won our space, not only fit in the noble task of being domesticated and caring mothers, but now going beyond that, to become great ambassadors, major doctors, engineers, lawyers, physiotherapists, scientists, housekeepers, teachers, programmers, etc. Therefore we have no longer need to prove anything to anyone. We are independent, efficient and contribute to the growth and development of our countries.

A special thanks and a hug with lots of positive vibes goes to all my mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, cousins​​, friends, and fellow Africans. We are a family, and together we will raise the name of our countries.

Vanny Reis
Miss West Africa International

















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