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About Us

Miss West Africa began in 2008 making history with the crowning of our first ever queen, Amina Kamara from Sierra Leone. The event was established by young entrepreneur, Nana Tamakloe, with the objective of creating role models, future world leaders and good will ambassadors. The winners of Miss West Africa act as advocates for the organisation and most importantly ambassadors for various west African countries and charities.

In 2010 the concept of Miss West Africa International was introduced with a goal of discovering various regional Miss West Africa queens to compete for the ultimate Miss West Africa title, Miss West Africa International. Miss West Africa International is now a world wide beauty pageant accessible only to Miss West Africa regional winners. Miss West Africa International takes place every year, each possibly in a different location.

Local Miss West Africa beauty pageants also take place every year in the process of discovering a queen and a hopeful to win MWA International. Intense and exciting MWA beauty pageants are held all over the world, with great contests between beautiful and intelligent ladies from West Africa or of West African origin. The event is aimed at promoting west African culture, beauty and lifestyle to the foriegn world.

Miss West Africa was founded to promote a positive image for West African countries by creating awareness of the social, cultural, health, wealth and the beauty issues within West Africa. We do not abide to the mass media’s portrayal of beauty but that which is judged by our own selection of panel judges. With the variety of beauty of West African women from around the world, The Miss West Africa pageants will explore the beauty of west African women from around the world to bring you one being and soul of natural and great talent, beauty and brains to represent West Africans world wide.

Join a great list of celebrities being entertained in the search for the next Miss West Africa and celebrate our cultural night with food, drinks, comedy, music and fashion show. Whilst remembering the great contributions and contributors to the West African nations. Please register your email with us to be updated on all ticket sales, crownings and events.

Disclaimer: Miss West Africa ltd has not endorsed any other forms of Miss West Africa beauty pageants, spin offs nor sub sectors, that may have been projected as such in anyways and will present this to you when we do. Until then always refer to www.MissWestAfrica.com for more information. All sectors of Miss West Africa will be linked off this website, if not please report and avoid participating.

The Miss West Africa trademark belongs to Miss West Africa ltd. The trade mark was officially acknowledged in 2010 by the WIPO and applies internationally, even for the term Miss Afrique de l’Ouest. If you wish to organise a regional Miss West Africa in your area that has not already got a host country, please contact us immediately with the contact information below.