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Miss West Africa Cameroon 2015 On Her Women Empowerment Project

Foje Jency, Miss West Africa Cameroon 2015 on her winning project decided to touch lives of women in rural Cmeroon by helping out with small scale businesses that can help them out of abject poverty. so far she has been doing great helping out with several small scale business. As part of her project the African queen visited a tye and dye business owned by some rural woman. During a little seminar she had with the women, she was able to interact with the women, discussing their challenges and things to do help them grow. Miss Jency pledges to do […]

Fonje Jency Voluntarily Helps Community Farmers

The black beauty is not the only thing that you will notice about Foje, the black Cameroon beauty. Her personality shines through her and her love for people is overwhelming. As a queen she is beautiful and humble.not long ago, she started her community project to help rural women which saw the participation of all the contestants having won them over for her project. She was recently captured helping a community of women farmers as they go over their daily activities. thou manual she seemed enthused helping out in her own little way. Foje is set to meet other queens […]

Miss West Africa Cameroon To Kick Start Her Project

Newly crowned miss west Africa Foje Jency is to launch her project soon on Teenage Mothers’ Life Improvement Project which is to help community mothers improve their health life. Together with the rest of the contestants who are solidly behind her, Jency is motivated and determined to achieve this dream. She has been seen on some runway shows as a model winning miss west Africa was a major boost to her career adding more confidence to her art.

Miss West Africa Belgium Speaks Against Critics Of The First Lady

LEUKSENEGAL.COM – The assessments on the look of the first Senegalese lady continue to go on. As we know, the dress she wore was not the most prefered in some circles of haute couture and fashion. Designers like Nabu Diagne were not easy on Marième Faye Sall especially with Barack Obama’s visit to Senegal. “She dresses badly.” This was the judgment against the first lady by Senegalese designer Nabu Diagne. This opinion is not shared by the other representative of the Senegalese people, namely Thioro Diop newly crowned Miss West Africa Belgium 2013. On holiday in Senegal, she raised her […]

Miss West Africa Cameroon – Working Hard To Promote Her Local Charities

The beautiful and charitable Miss West Africa Cameroon Josette Mbachan has been very busy travelling through Cameroon on her humanitarian work as she prepares to represent Cameroon at the Miss West Africa International Final in Cape Verde this March 23rd. She is rounding up her work this week at Dorcas Orphanage, but has also visited BUEA Regional Hospital Africa, Hotpec Orphanage, and Bulu Blind centre in recent weeks.

Adriana Vaz Launches Campaign Against Female Genital Mutilation

Miss West Africa Portugal Adriana Vaz has been busy getting involved in the campaign against female genital mutilation, and here she tells us what she has been doing to help the cause. Adriana – ‘On Saturday February 9th I attended the launch in of the campaign against female genital mutilation alongside the Association Morabeza in order to raise awareness of the reality and consequences of female genital excision. The campaign is intended to raise awareness and alert the general public to the harmful consequences of this practice that affects mainly girls between five and ten years of age who are […]

Delphanie Dassin, Miss West Africa Liberia 2012 Is a Humble Celebrity

Cheers reigned everywhere when our beautiful Delphanie Dassin gave R.C. Lawson High School a surprise visit. The beautiful Delphanie Dassin wanted to show her support for education and spoke and the ceremony of which she was followed by much press. Dalphanie who has worked mostly in the education sector since her rain will be using her love for this as her strength in the quest to win Miss West Africa International 2013.