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Miss West Africa Sao Tome E Principe Scheduled For September 5

The Miss West African contestants have been through rigorous activities preparing them for the final date which is here. The final event would be happening on the 5th of September and the girls are fully prepared. The beautiful contestants will be judged by a panel of directors based on their looks to talent as well as personality. The selected queen aside her package as a winner would also be representing her country at the international which will happen in 2016. The successor of Carla Lima would also partake in various charity projects for her country. we wish them the best.

Miss West Africa Sao Tome Contestants Attend Conference To Promote Gender Equality

The Miss West Africa Sao Tome contestants have been involved in various activities all in preparation towards the final event. The girls are been coached and mentored to be strong women. In one of their visits, they made a trip to the National Institute for Promotion of Equality and Gender (Sao Tome e Principe), where they interacted with executives and listened to talks by the director as they contributed to the course. Pageant has been a way for women to also express themselves and not show just their outward beauty but intelligence as well, Miss West African contestants are well […]

Miss West Africa Senegal 2015 Contestants Enjoy A Day At Royam Hotel

It was a sight to behold when the contestants arrived at the Royam hotel in Senegal that is sponsoring the girls by giving them free relaxation. Beauty they say comes out best on a relaxed face and that is exactly why organizers of Miss West Africa Senegal 2015 decided to treat the girls to a good spa. The final date has been scheduled and ongoing various activities will make score the contestants marks to push them in becoming the next queen.

Youth Awareness Campaign By Miss West Africa Sao Tome Contestants 2015

In celebration of International Youth day Miss West Africa Sao Tome 2015 contestants embarked on a sexual and reproductive health awareness campaign. the ladies with their organisation collaborated and mounted a stand in the center of a town and educated the young girls especially about sex and their reproductive health.they shared tracts with various messages and also participants were privileged to see certain cultural and traditional artifacts that were on display. The finals has already been scheduled and we await the successor of Carla Lima, Miss West Africa Sao Tome 2014.