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Hawa Kamara Takes Over Miss West Africa International 2013/14

Hawa Kamara from Sierra Leone who was once the 2nd Runners Up to Maria Sawaneh from Gambia, is now the current title bearer of what is now Africa’s only international queen of queens competition. The decision came when the Miss West Africa ltd organization and the former queen came to a mutual decision that it was time to further the title bearer of the Miss West Africa International crown despite the time. Hawa Kamara who already dedicate her life to advocate for girl child education was more than ecstatic to carry the crown forward. She also happened to be the […]

Winning Pictures Of MWA Int 2011 Vanny Reis & Runners Up

This message goes to all African women in particular, to the women of our beautiful west coast! I was born and raised in a family where women were the majority and where they represented a small piece of the strength of African Women, warriors and fighters, with great vigor and wisdom, willing to move the world for the sake of survival and happiness of their children and their families. The picture I have of women is a being with a great willpower, tirelessly toiling day after day, facing all the difficulties, challenges and prejudices of her life. Today we have […]

Stella Bangura (MWA Sierra Leone 2011), New images!

Stella Bangura is highly supported by the Sierra Leone tourist board release new images. Courtesy of First Face. Stella is on her way to the top and very passionate about her charitable activities. Winning Miss West Africa International will mean a hat-trick for Sierra Leone and also mean the first three international winners will be recognised from Sierra Leone. She has a lot to prove for her country.

Miss West Africa Sierra Leone Bringing Sunshine to the Raining Season Orphanage

Miss West Africa Sierra Leone, Stella Bangura with the Raining Season Orphanage. Stella who has a lot of media attention and is usually followed the Sierra Leone TV, took her media coverage to bring attention to the great work of the Raining Season Orphanage. We only wanted to put a few pictures on the blog but they were all so beautiful. Also on the 4th of November Stella Bangura (MWA Sierra Leone) & 1st Face International, in partnership with Thinking Pink Breast Cancer Foundation in collaboration with The Ministry of Tourism and Cultural affairs and sponsored by Africell.