WATCH: Miss West Africa Sao Tome Excited About MWA 2016 As the days draws closer, the excitement becomes stronger. The Miss West Africa girls are super excited about going to Senegal for the 2016 International pageant. Maria Pires, representing Sao Tome e Principe wearing a dress made from the colours of their national flag describes how excited she is about go

Princy Broke – A Petite Girl Love For The Runway

In the modelling industry, height and size has always been an important criteria for the runway and thou people have broken barriers with plus size and petite models, Africa is yet to understand the path of tall models. Yet one of Miss West Africa Selected girls is soaring high in her country with modelling despite her height. 5.5 tall with a petite body making her size 6, Princess Broke from Cote Dvoire is super modelling in all aspects of fashion and runway. She has walked the stages of several big fashion shows in Cote Dvoire including Abidjan Fashion Week. This […]

Miss West Africa Liberia Goes Bald In New Photoshoot

Most people describe a woman’s beauty by their hair but with the new acceptance of short hair, women are feeling more comfortable wearing no hair knowing their beauty will still shine through. One of such brave women is Geralyn Josephine Kamara, Miss West Africa Liberia 2016 who took the risk of going bald and woow, she looked beautiful. Having won the title in March, she has been on several radio programs and TV shows in Liberia to increase awareness on child education. The Liberian lady is poised and ready for the international which is fast coming in August.

Miss West Africa Cameroon 2015 On Her Women Empowerment Project

Foje Jency, Miss West Africa Cameroon 2015 on her winning project decided to touch lives of women in rural Cmeroon by helping out with small scale businesses that can help them out of abject poverty. so far she has been doing great helping out with several small scale business. As part of her project the African queen visited a tye and dye business owned by some rural woman. During a little seminar she had with the women, she was able to interact with the women, discussing their challenges and things to do help them grow. Miss Jency pledges to do […]

ATTENTION: Miss West Africa International International 2016 Set To Happen In Senegal

Every year brings along new and beautiful memories of a new Miss West Africa international event and this year which was set to happen in Cote Dvoire was postponed due to national security threat. Management of Miss West Africa are pleased to inform all loyal fans that this years event is now set to happen in Senegal on the 25th of August 2016. All queens haven been already discovered are currently on their projects as preparations are soon starting for this year’s international. The beautiful queens will be presenting their projects at the international which promises to make beautiful memories […]

Miss West Africa Belguim 2016 Crowned

Miss West Africa Belguim 2016 has been one of the most exciting regional event which draws lots of foreigners and this year’s event brought out the best once again. the event saw dignitaries like binta sagna, christelle pandanzyla, kossi modeste with musicians like N’faly Kouyate and others. the event saw several africans and foreigners who graced the event. the beautiful contestants from all countries in Africa did amazing job representing their countries. Fatima from Guinea emerged Miss West Africa Belgique-Belgïe 2016 with Mélanie from Cape Verde coming in second and Khady from Senegal coming in third. The winner among several […]

Josephine Geraldlyn Kamara Wins Miss West Africa Liberia 2016

The search for Miss West Africa Liberia 2016 begun some months ago and on the 19th of March Josephine Geraldlyn kamara won. The beautiful queen won the hearts of Liberia and her wonderful speech gave audience goosebumps. coming in the first place was Asatu Toure and Laurine Jawhary as second runners up. The beautiful Geraldyn starts her project along photoshoot to hype her brand. She will thus represent Liberia in the 2016 Miss West Africa International. We say a big congratulations