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Florence Epee Inspires Her Country’s Pageant

Miss West Africa International 2014, Miss Florence Epee continues to show the public she indeed deserved her crown with her humility and enthusiasm in supporting her Country’s Pageant Miss Cameroon though during her time of contesting in 2014, many people thought she was robbed of the crown. Even thou the event ended two weeks ago, images and videos of her involvement, encouragement and support to the contestants keeps popping up everywhere showing how much she loves her Country. She had had talks, seminars, visits and words of encouragement to the contestants and on the final day, looking dazzling as ever […]

Fanta Bidiga, The Selected Burkinabe Queen Looks Fabulous In These Photos

Known for her calm self, Fanta Bidiga has always been an enthusiast person who will take on every challenging task.Coming from a country where getting a professional photographer is very difficult, she never let that quench her fire to emerge among the best during the Miss West Africa International competition. In different outfit and long black wavy hair, she makes striking poses for for new photoshoot. She always seems excited people haven’t noticed this sexy side of her. She finally breaks out of her shy self to impress her fans. Check the new pictures out:

WATCH: Miss West Africa Sao Tome Excited About MWA 2016

https://www.facebook.com/MissWestAfricaInternational/videos/749480731821060/ As the days draws closer, the excitement becomes stronger. The Miss West Africa girls are super excited about going to Senegal for the 2016 International pageant. Maria Pires, representing Sao Tome e Principe wearing a dress made from the colours of their national flag describes how excited she is about go https://www.facebook.com/MissWestAfricaInternational/videos/749480731821060/

Princy Broke – A Petite Girl Love For The Runway

In the modelling industry, height and size has always been an important criteria for the runway and thou people have broken barriers with plus size and petite models, Africa is yet to understand the path of tall models. Yet one of Miss West Africa Selected girls is soaring high in her country with modelling despite her height. 5.5 tall with a petite body making her size 6, Princess Broke from Cote Dvoire is super modelling in all aspects of fashion and runway. She has walked the stages of several big fashion shows in Cote Dvoire including Abidjan Fashion Week. This […]

Miss West Africa Cameroon 2015 On Her Women Empowerment Project

Foje Jency, Miss West Africa Cameroon 2015 on her winning project decided to touch lives of women in rural Cmeroon by helping out with small scale businesses that can help them out of abject poverty. so far she has been doing great helping out with several small scale business. As part of her project the African queen visited a tye and dye business owned by some rural woman. During a little seminar she had with the women, she was able to interact with the women, discussing their challenges and things to do help them grow. Miss Jency pledges to do […]

Josephine Geraldlyn Kamara Wins Miss West Africa Liberia 2016

The search for Miss West Africa Liberia 2016 begun some months ago and on the 19th of March Josephine Geraldlyn kamara won. The beautiful queen won the hearts of Liberia and her wonderful speech gave audience goosebumps. coming in the first place was Asatu Toure and Laurine Jawhary as second runners up. The beautiful Geraldyn starts her project along photoshoot to hype her brand. She will thus represent Liberia in the 2016 Miss West Africa International. We say a big congratulations

Alberta Appiah To Represent Miss West Africa Ghana 2016

Alberta Appiah is young lady whose love for modelling have taken her places. She is enthusiastic and a beauty both outside and within. This years she succeeds Ellen Gyapong to represent Ghana in the international happening in Cote Dvoire.The Ghanaian contestants have always given other contestants a keen competition and this year she promises to do her very best hopefully see the crown home. This year’s event is happening in Cote Dvoire, Abidjan and preparation are ongoing to have a grand event for the queens.

Maimouna Camara Wins Miss West Africa Senega 2016

On the 28th of January, the dark beauty came top of the Senegal girls participating in miss west Africa Senegal 2016. the event which had enough time to groom its contestants for three months happened with all of Senegal in awe over high attendance and the professionalism displaced by organizers. The beautiful queen Maimouna Camara was followed by Astou Badiane as first runners up and Awa Diop as second runners up. Other awards include best modelling going to Khadiatou Cisse. The beautiful event was attended by high profiles and celebrities in the country. The winner aside many prizes will be […]