Miss West Africa Belgium Speaks Against Critics Of The First Lady

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LEUKSENEGAL.COM – The assessments on the look of the first Senegalese lady continue to go on. As we know, the dress she wore was not the most prefered in some circles of haute couture and fashion. Designers like Nabu Diagne were not easy on Marième Faye Sall especially with Barack Obama’s visit to Senegal. “She dresses badly.” This was the judgment against the first lady by Senegalese designer Nabu Diagne.

This opinion is not shared by the other representative of the Senegalese people, namely Thioro Diop newly crowned Miss West Africa Belgium 2013. On holiday in Senegal, she raised her voice to microphone of Leuksenegal and said “First I must say that this is the first time that we have a first lady of good Senegalese complexion to the palace of the republic. It is a pride for us, who values ​​of the essense Senegalese women. I think she has good reason to wear a traditional African outfit with the model of choice to highlight our own culture. She dresses well as first lady. It is her critics who fell off the plate. ”

The Miss West Africa queen continues “One should not focus on such details to entertain us. We shouldn’t waste time on such issues. Rather we should be concerned with things that take us forward.”.



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