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Miss West Africa France 2015/16 Scheduled For February 2016

The battle for the Miss West Africa France 2016 crown is on and the girls are fiercely ready to win. Coming from different parts of west Africa, the beautiful girls have been going through various grooming exercise to make them ready for the day which draws closer and closer. The scheduled time for the event would happen in February next year. One of the beautiful girls would become the next Miss West Africa France 2016.

Miss West Africa Liberia 2015 Begins

Decorations, event and clothing line presents the next Miss West Africa 2015/2016. Auditions are currently ongoing. The previous years have not seen a queen since 2012 due to reasons beyond organizers. This years event promises to be full of excitement for all Liberian beauties who would participate. the winner would go away with various prizes and also represent Liberia in the international event happening in Senegal 2016. The final date for Miss West Africa Liberia is in February 2016.

Miss West Africa Cameroon Finals On 24th October, 2015

The final day have been set for the finals of Miss West Africa Cameroon 2014. On the 24th of October, the winner would be crown. 14 girls are remaining and 4 more will be evicted to remain 10 who would go through the final competition. The beautiful girls have been groomed in all ways from modelling coaching, to seminars, cooking competition, beach competitions and they are finally ready to show the world what they got. Official sponsors of Miss West Africa Cameron SEME HOTEL and Equinox TV who have been showcasing the whole event as a reality show on their […]

Miss West Africa France Already In Progress

The quest for Miss West Africa France begun on October 3rd when the organizers organized an audition on the fore court of the old port in Marseille, France. The audition witnessed beautiful west African girls representing different parts of west Africa. The occasion saw the success of some girls pass through the first session and divided into groups. Some girls were selected later to go through the finals. Miss west Africa France is one of the biggest pageant for West Africans living in France. The winner will be participating in the international happening in Senegal 2016.

Miss West Africa Cameroon 2015 Auditions Ongoing

The train has already started and the search for the next Miss West Africa Cameroon 2015 is on. The team have bean to Bemenda and is moving towards Yaounde on the 10th of October. The auditions which is also a TV reality show with Renette and Anita T as hosts will be aired on Equinox TV. The auditions seeks 4 girls each from the four cities. So far the girls coming through meet the underlined criteria and the best have been selected. The team is doing a great job making sure every city audition is successful.

Miss West Africa Cameroon 2015 Auditions Begins 3rd October

This year’s miss west Africa Cameroon 2015 kicks off on the 3rd of october at Bemenda, Negla hotel, Youande, 9th October, Douala, Afrique hotel, 10th October, Buea, Franco alliance, 11th October. Already two exotic male model trainers have been selected to train contestants, Divine Polyvalent and Emile Tanle would groom the girls. Several bloggers have been invited to follow their activities with ‘Aby reality’ as the official publicist. Ongoing activities would be captured by Equinoxe TV. Last year’s international queen is a Cameroonian, Florence Epee and she will play a major role in supporting her regional event. Selected girls will […]

The Search For Miss West Africa Cameroon 2015 Is On

The much awaited pageant search is on in Cameroon for the next Miss West Africa Cameroon 2015. The Past years has seen Cameroon women contest fiercely for the international crown and indeed they proved their point when Florence Epee won the international last year. She has already been doing a marvelous job with it. Penjo management has already made arrangement and any Cameroon beautiful lady has the opportunity to be part of this prestigious event. The audition date is 3rd October and every Cameroon lady beautiful and talented can participate. official sponsors are hotel Seme and Cameroon & peace decor.

Miss West Africa Togo 2015 finals On 17th September

8 final girls have been selected to go through the next process in Miss West Africa Togo 2015 pageant. The beautiful girls were chosen based on beauty, talent and personality. The 8 girls will battle it out on the 17th of September and the winner would be chosen among them. last year saw the regional representative Mabide win miss congeniality at the international event. The winner also becomes the regional representative for her country and would compete with other regional queens for the international pageant at Senegal. we wish them the best.

The Search For Miss West Africa UK Begins

The long awaited mega pageant to hit UK has begun, Miss West Africa UK, one of the most prestigious African pageants is set to begin and is looking for intelligent beautiful talented young ladies from west Africa resident in UK. The previous events has seen the crowning of now famous model Joana among others and this year’s event promises to be a mega show. Organizers are set to give the best grooming to the girls and hopefully the best person win. Applications are now open to all west African girls.