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Vanny Reis from Cape Verde: Miss West Africa International III

December saw the end and beginning of two great Miss West African queens. The victory that ignited a hall full of various nationalities from Guinea Bissau, Sierra Leone, Gambia, Ghana, Nigeria, and more brought you Vanny Reis, the winner of Miss West Africa Cape Verde, now crowned Miss West Africa International 2011. The judge’s decision was synonymous with the audience and left a crowd roaring her name right before her crowning. 1st runners up were the home queen Yassin Jagne, also the current titleholder Miss West Africa Gambia 2011, and 2nd runners up was Stella Bangura, from Sierra Leone.

Vanny Reis is not only the first Cape Verdean to carry the Miss West Africa International crown, but she is also the first non-Sierra Leoneon to do so, completing a third part of the trilogy started off by Amina Kamara, the first-ever Miss West Africa queen of 2008, and then Shireen Benjamin of 2009/10, both from Sierra Leone. Shireen carried the crown for two years, as during her reign a decision was made by the organizers to hold a regional pageant in every country, which set off an extension in her term as queen.

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