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Fanta Bidiga, The Selected Burkinabe Queen Looks Fabulous In These Photos

Known for her calm self, Fanta Bidiga has always been an enthusiast person who will take on every challenging task.Coming from a country where getting a professional photographer is very difficult, she never let that quench her fire to emerge among the best during the Miss West Africa International competition. In different outfit and long black wavy hair, she makes striking poses for for new photoshoot. She always seems excited people haven’t noticed this sexy side of her. She finally breaks out of her shy self to impress her fans. Check the new pictures out:

Video: Florence Epee For Maggie Ad Campaign

Florence Epee, current Miss West Africa International 2014 starred a leading role in the Maggie advert for francophone countries. Maggie a food spice portrays the African woman to have excellent cooking skills and therefore deserve to be praised.It was also a promotional ad as every cube bought comes with an opportunity to win various prizes. Florence epee is a beautiful young mum in this ad and in reality is indeed a star.