Adriana Gomes To Represent Cape Verde In 2016

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Cape Verde has been one amazing country bringing the best girls to represent in the international. We have seen a Cape Verdian girl Canny Reis already named an international queen before. Next year’s event promises to be fierce, competitive and fun. In Fogo Island, city of São Filipe, a Cape Verdian queen was named who will be representing Cape Verde in the international competition.

Adriana Gomes was born April 18 1999 in Sao filipe Fogo Cabo Verde she’s a junior in High school where she’s studying social economic. She wants to be an economist and professional model. She wants to see Africa compatible continent just like the others financially and economically also where women have equal opportunities in politics and society in general.she would like to see Africa continue to invest more in our children so we can have brighter future.